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AI HLEG: Draft Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI

This is the European Commision’s High-Level Expert Group on AI (AI HLEG)’s draft of AI Ethics Guidelines.

It seeks to maximise the benefits of AI whilst minimising risks, calling for a human-centric approach to AI with a focus on creating trustworthy AI that aims to increase human well-being.

Trustworthy AI being understood as having an ethical purpose and being technically robust, so as to avoid unintended harmful consequences. This ethical purpose shall make use of the principles, values, and rights of Beneficence (do good), Non-Maleficence (do no harm), Autonomy of humans, Justice, and Explicability.

The requirements for trustworthy AI are: Accountability, Data Governance, Design for all, Governance of AI Autonomy (Human oversight), Non- Discrimination, Respect for Human Autonomy, Respect for Privacy, Robustness, Safety, Transparency. The overall aim is to enable Europe to become a globally leading innovator in ethical, secure and cutting-edge AI

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Revised version due April 2019.

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