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Democratising Artificial Intelligence with AI as a Service

IBM, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon are leading efforts to democratise AI and making it more accessible to SMBs (Small-to-Medium Businesses) through the use of free tools that allow for the use of pre-built algorithms. As cloud providers, they are also deploying a pay-per-use model to allow SMBs to make use of AI as a service.

As AI becomes more widely and readily available, there is even greater impetus for the ethics behind the technology to be thoroughly thought through. As the systems are scaled up and applied throughout the world, the risk increases that there will be unforeseen consequences. Increasingly, AI products will need to be tested for use in divergent places and cultures and carefully reviewed once in operation.

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Additionally, there are risks involved with giving the power of AI to non-experts, such as getting unreliable results from failing to gather and interpret data properly, or failing to acknowledge biases in the data input or output.

More on this here.

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