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When Is It Ethical to Not Replace Humans with AI?

This article by Bret Greenstein takes on one of the questions I asked in my blog (see 'Some Ethical and Philosophical Questions Surrounding AIunder To AI or not to AI) - “At what point does it become unethical to not use AI? Who has an obligation to make use of the best available resources, including technology?”

His answer is that there are at least three areas where the use of AI is a moral imperative.

1) Physically dangerous jobs. E.g. Logging, fishing, aviation, roofing, and disaster aid and rescue.

2) Health care. E.g. disease diagnosis, cost reduction.

3) Data-driven decision-making. E.g. marketing, finance, human resources, (only where AI can perform better than humans in making decisions free from self-interest, prejudice, or bias.)

Read here.

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