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AI Myths, Realities, and Challenges:

Summary of Event by the British Computer Society 

Hosted by the IRMA (Information Risk Management and Assurance) Specialist Group of the British Computer Society.

12/03/19 @ The Chartered Institute for IT, London...

Personal Data - The Business, Technical, and Legal Challenges:

Summary of Event by MyData

Hosted by MyData


13/03/19 @ The Open Data Institute...

AI and Humanity - Can Technology Level the Playing Field for Equality in Society?:

Summary of Event by King's Think Tank

Hosted by the King's Think Tank


19/03/19 @ King's College London...

The Future of AI - Language, Ethics, and Technology:

Summary of Event by the Centre for the Humanities and Social Change

Hosted by the Centre for the Humanities and Social Change’s research project ‘Giving Voice to Digital Democracies’. Funded by the Humanities and Social Change International Foundation...

The Impact of AI on the UK Workforce:

Summary of Event by the Future of Work 

Hosted by the Future of Work 


01/04/19 @ the University of Bath School of Management

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